Chapels for India

The non-profit "Chapels for India" provides funds for Chuck Pifer's work with SDA schools and churches in India.

Update May 2020

To those who are faithfully supporting missions with your prayers, funding and interest.
Thanking each one for your continued interest in the mission field of India.

The most recent commitment started when visiting with the It Is Written Coordinator for India, near the Miryalaguda SDA school, Talangana some 1,000 miles from the Sunderban School in West Bengal. The Coordinator had, in the past, personally helped with the Sunderban School building projects. (She has asked to keep her name anonymous.) "How much money do you need to complete the cafeteria for the Sunderban schoo," she asked. "I need around another $10,000," I replied.

Several days later she said that she was traveling with the Section President visiting over 30 different chapels in preparation for a large It Is Written evangelistic series taking place in a few months. She shocked me when she reported that they had found 27 chapels that were closed. Chickens, buffaloes, and jungle had taken over, many windows and doors were broken out, roof shingles missing, and paint had turned black. "I have a deal to make with you," she said. "What?" I replied. "If I give you $10,000 to complete the cafeteria for the Sunderban school, will you paint all 27 churches inside and out, repair all the broken things and get them ready for the evangelism meetings, so that when we revive the village people they will have a nice new looking chapel to start worshiping again?" "Hmmm," I thought. "Sounds like a very challenging task." However I knew God would give me the wisdom and the strength so I agreed.

When I began, she sent me an email saying she also needed five bible worker houses built, and wanted to know if I could do that also. The final report is that all 27 chapels were painted and repaired, five little bible worker houses were built, and the cafeteria for the Sunderban School was completed. I was so grateful for the dedicated Indian pastors and workers who worked so hard in completing these projects just in time for the meetings to begin.

Regarding the cafeteria building in the Sunderbans. I would like to make the next level a girls dormitory, as you can see by the pictures we have a lot more to do for that.  This will take about $50,000 which will include, 3 large rooms, toilets, showers and septic system.

There were a number of small projects done for the Miryalaguda school.

1.  Made a track and field for the school
2.  Remade a drinking tap area near the water purification plants for hygiene and easier access.
I do not know what the future holds, but we just continue to follow the Lords lead in this work.
Blessing to each and every one,
Chuck Pifer
The photos below show one chapel completed and the cafeteria from foundation thru to present day. This cafeteria is now the third building for the school. Hover over each photo for captions. Click photos for larger view.