Chapels for India

The non-profit "Chapels for India" provides funds for Chuck Pifer's work with SDA schools and churches in India. In the fall of 2017, Chuck was called to go back to India to help with further construction.

There are children who have now reached the 8th grade and are asking, "Sir,  where are we supposed to go now?" If the school could expand to include the 9th and 10th grades where science classes and labs could be added, these children would do very well in the community.  The Indian government requires these classes.

Currently the cooking is done outside on the ground and the children also eat on the ground or floor of classrooms. Building a kitchen and cafeteria is a top priority. In order to build this addition, it costs US $1,000 per truck load of rock for the footers. The location of the school is not in an area that has this rock readily available and so the cost of construction is high. At the end of December 2017, Chuck Pifer, the ministry leader, had enough money to get the 4th of 6 or 7 required truck loads.

This is the dry season for that part of India; however, unexpected rain has caused the trenches that were built for the footers to cave in in various places which requires it to be manually shoveled out. The trenches are about 125 feet long. They have sump pumps running every day to help keep out the water.

Please pray for this ministry, that through the generosity of hearts impressed by the Lord this project will continue to completion. Pray also for the encouragement of Chuck and his team as they continue to push forward.