Faith Community Nurse Ministry

The Highland Seventh-day Adventist Church has begun a new ministry this year in conjunction with the Adventist Association of Faith Community Nursing.

Helping to Meet the Needs of our Communities through Making Man Whole: Our Medical Missionary Work

We are living in interesting yet exciting times as we are preparing the way for those who come to know the truth in the Gospel of Jesus to gain new light and prepare for His soon coming. We know time is getting short and there is a great work yet to be done. By implementing the Faith Community Nurse Ministry, our resources will mobilize to further our mission of meeting the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional needs of our communities.

Through this opportunity, Faith Community Nurses will actively engage in the continued healing role to Make Man Whole, incorporating their specialty of focus on care which nurtures the spirit, creating bonds of love and friendship, and helping fulfill the commission of Christ our example through our Medical Ministry work.

Today, compounding events which negatively impact communities – such as disasters, and tragic events on all levels locally, statewide, nationally, or globally increase the need for Spiritual Support and Nursing Intervention. It is through these times that people’s hearts are most open to receiving the Holy Spirit.

We look forward to the opportunity to make practical application of our Welfare Ministry and our Medical Missionary work.


~ It is only by an unselfish interest in those in need of help that we can give a practical demonstration of the truths of the gospel. ~ EGW